How to help?

"The future of our rivers and streams is at stake today and urgent action is required!"

"Together let's prevent the arrival of plastic in the oceans"

 We need your help and to push towards reaching a common goal of saving the planet, any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.


Three ways to support us:


- Participatory donations through our shop.


-Spontaneous donations.

OCEAN GUARDIAN ASBL BE67 7320 5388 7187

-When the association has been fully launched and subject to the analysis of your application, the gift of your presence in the field will be welcome.


  "The water of rivers is essential to both our survival and to the fragile balance of nature and today, all around the world, the majority of rivers and streams are threatened by pollution."

Ocean Guardian Asbl thank you for your donation. 

With your help, we can continue our research, improve our technology and accelerate the shift in habits of the local population.




We are mainly funded by our donors