"Together let's prevent the arrival of plastic in the oceans"

We are working to strengthen marine ecotourism in Indonesian tourist destinations and improve the living conditions of local populations.  

We strive to improve the quality of polluted waters, rivers, lakes and banks in Western Java.

“If you don't take the change by the hand, it will take you by the throat.”

The association will seek to develop and facilitate partnerships with local authorities as well as with existing national and international associations. It will call for participatory donations, fundraising, grants, crowfunding and other ancillary income-generating activities necessary for the realization of actions and the social purpose.

"the power of water comes from the source"

"If you want happiness to last for a lifetime, help the next generation."

Our missions

-Fight against global warming with natural solutions.

-To fight against marine pollution by acting upstream to prevent the arrival of plastics in oceans.

Initially, our actions will focus on the rivers and large lakes of Java and will consist of:

-Organising awareness campaigns within the local population.

-Writing, translating and distributing educational brochures about global warming.

-Mobilising locals and schools to clean up polluted banks, lakes and rivers. 

-Educating the local population in sorting and recycling plastic materials.

Our goals

-To act at the root of the problem: fight against marine pollution and strive to work towards a better planet.

-To clean banks, lakes and rivers.

-To invest in new technologies such as suction barges and micro robots.

-To take preventative measures by setting up recycling systems: green, yellow and blue rubbish bins.

-To educate the young generation through the distribution of educational booklets.

-To establish action plans with local authorities and establish partnerships with existing associations such as Trash heroes, Sea shepherd, Ocean clean up.

Our partners 

A UN report has given a strong warning: "Rivers in Asia, Latin America and Africa are becoming increasingly polluted, directly threatening the health of more than 300 million people and indirectly threatening food production in many countries."


In Indonesia, there are the world’s most polluted rivers, the most threatened ecosystems but the means of prevention remain clearly insufficient to alleviate this situation.


According to the National Association for the Protection of Waters and Rivers, the "health review” of the world's aquatic environments is very worrying. Two of them will particularly draw our attention: the Citarum River and Patenggang Lake.

The shop of Ocean Guardian

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By contributing to our participatory donation store, you allow us to invest in new missions to fight the plastic pollution crisis.

Who are we?

Three longtime friends, passionate about travel and ecology. In recent years, we have paid particular attention to South Asia and mainly to some little-known regions of Java in Indonesia such as the large lakes, rivers and streams around Bandung. Frightened by the pollution and the damage to these ecosystems, we decided to act and try to stop the plastic haemorrhage. This project is not a utopia. It was born out of an immense desire to contribute to maintaining the balance of our planet. This marks the birth of Ocean Guardian. Our objectives are precise, realistic and optimistic. We are fortunate to speak Indonesian and local dialects, to have valuable contacts with motivated villagers who are aware and ready to act. Our concrete actions will focus on educating children at school, sorting waste in villages and meeting with local authorities. We hope that our project will meet the necessary enthusiasm required to carry it out

Our vision and our values



-We encourage the initiative of the local population and provide opportunities for people.


-We build strong relationships between villages and build alliances for long-term success.


-We strive to exceed expectations and be the best we can, for example, by investing funds directly from our own savings.


-We act in an honest, transparent and fair manner by proving through our documented actions, the investment of the donations we have received.