Our missions:


-To fight against marine pollution by acting upstream to prevent the arrival of plastics in oceans.


Initially, our actions will focus on the rivers and large lakes of Java and will consist of:


-Organising awareness campaigns within the local population.

-Writing, translating and distributing educational brochures.

-Mobilising locals and schools to clean up polluted banks, lakes and rivers. 

-Educating the local population in sorting and recycling plastic materials.


Our goals:


-To act at the root of the problem: fight against marine pollution and strive to work towards a better planet.

-To clean banks, lakes and rivers.

-To invest in new technologies such as suction barges and micro robots.

-To take preventative measures by setting up recycling systems: green, yellow and blue rubbish bins.

-To educate the young generation through the distribution of educational booklets.

-To establish action plans with local authorities and establish partnerships with existing associations such as TRASH HEROES, SEA SHEPHERD etc…


Our projects:


-Install autonomous deplastifying systems (suction barges)

-Set-up recycling systems

-Invest in robots such as the giant barge and its FISCHY anti-plastic drones.

-Tree Planting

-Invest in and locate where to install CO2 absorbers

-Organise the distribution of educational booklets


   A UN report has given a strong warning: "Rivers in Asia, Latin America and Africa are becoming increasingly polluted, directly threateningthe health of more than 300 million people and indirectly threatening food production in many countries." In Indonesia, there are the world’s most polluted rivers, the most threatened ecosystems but the means of prevention remain clearly insufficient to alleviate this situation. According to the National Association for the Protection of Waters and Rivers, the "health review” of the world's aquatic environments is very worrying. Two of them will particularly draw our attention: the Citarum River and Patenggang Lake.In the Sundanese language, this translates to "the indigo river". Its basin is the largest in the west of the island. Its source is in the south of the island in Mount Wayang and its mouth is where it joins the Java Sea. It represents a source of hydraulic energy supplying the cities of Bandung and

Djakarta.This majestic river is today considered to be one of the most polluted in the world. Anarchic economic development,unbridled population growth, urbanisation and massive industrialisation have turned this river into a landfill for the entire region. As a result, it no longer fulfils its basic functions of supplying drinking water. 280 000 tonnes of toxic industrial waste from textile factories in the region are dumped into it every year.The river is filled with pollutants such as mercury, lead, arsenic,household waste, animal and human faeces.  The Citarum and its banks that stretch for 297 km,provide the necessary water for the inhabitants ofthe province of West Java (Bandung and Jakarta

(approximately 50,000,000 inhabitants)). Furthermore, they also supply water to the local fauna and flora and irrigate 420,000 hectares of agricultural land. A colossal task has been taken up by the government of Jakarta: to make the water in the Citarum drinkable by 2025. Our project and our help will support this magnificent challenge.

The Lake Patenggang is one of the natural tourist attractions in West Java. At 1600 metres above sea level, in the village of Ciwidey, it offers a very exotic landscape. Unfortunately, not spared from plastic pollution, it spills into the Citarum which ends up in the Indian Ocean.

The Saguling hydroelectric dam, which was built in 1983, is located on the Citarum river 30 km from Bandung.The dam is 99 metres high and retains 265 million cubic metres of water. It meets the energy demand of the entire region. The Ocean Initiatives organisation will be a great partner. Thanks to their help through the logistics they offer, we will be able to begin educating and raising

awareness within the local population. Our missions and actions will begin on the edge of Lake Saguling.


We strive to improve the quality of polluted waters, rivers, lakes and banks in Southeast Asia.

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